Tips for Making Your Deep Sea Fishing Holiday the Most Successful

Posted on: 25 April 2016

If you love to fish but don't want to spend your next holiday on yet another shallow lake, finding the same catch over and over again, why not challenge yourself with some deep sea fishing? This can mean bringing in snapper, scampi, or another exotic fish that you've never had the chance to catch before. When you're ready to plan a deep sea fishing holiday, note a few tips for making your day on the water the most successful.

1. Watch the gulls

Seagulls swarm around small fish that are also food for the larger fish you're looking for; watch where the gulls are circling or hovering when on the water. The big game fish you're looking for are probably heading to the same spot where the gulls are feasting.

2. Reefs

Reefs provide some cover for smaller fish that are looking to avoid being eaten by the larger fish you want. Since those smaller fish tend to school around reefs, this is where the larger fish will go looking when they're hungry, even if they need to poke around those reefs. Look for reefs when you're on the water and you may find the larger game fish you want, especially when they're ready to bite at some bait.

3. Find dolphins

Tuna and other such fish may often school with dolphins. It can be easy to spot dolphins along the surface of the water, and when you find dolphins, you may more readily find tuna. Follow the path of the dolphins when trolling and try to get ahead of them, and this might make it easier for tuna to find your bait.

4. Know when crabs shed their shells

Crabs usually shed their shells around the time of the full moon, and this makes them easier to find by striper and other fish that feast on crabs. If you note the standard time during every month when crabs shed their shells, use imitation crab as bait. The striper and other such fish will already be looking for crab and they may be more receptive to your bait.

5. Know when to move and when to stay still

Kingfish and mackerel respond more readily to live, moving bait, so you would want to troll when searching for these varieties. Snapper, scampi, and grouper school near the bottom of the ocean. Dropping anchor and then dropping your line and waiting is the best way to find these fish.