Split System AC | 3 Actions To Undertake When Your Condenser Unit Fan Stops Working

Posted on: 8 August 2016

The fan running in the condenser unit of split system air conditioning is vital to emit heat from the condenser coils and draw air from outside. If you turn your air conditioning on when the fan is not functional, you could trigger a compressor failure and overheating within the unit. These issues may result in major problems over time. If you notice your fan not working, follow these actions. 

Switch Off The Unit

Your first action when the fan stops working is to switch off the unit at the mains. Your AC will fail to cool when the fan isn't running, so don't bother trying to cool down your room until the problem is fixed because you will blow out the compressor and overheat the system. Apart from turning off the AC, you'll want to turn off the main switch to cut off all electrical supply to the unit. This will protect the interiors from any damage. In the case of split system air conditioning units, the main electricity valve may be placed outside your home.

Open Up The Outdoor Unit And Clean The Area Around The Fan

In many instances, outdoor fans of spit system air conditioning units stop working because of debris like leaves, twigs and dirt clogging them. If this is your problem, then an easy solution is to clean the area around the fan. Wash off the fan using a water hose and some soap water to reduce the blockages around the system. Make sure you remove all twigs and debris during this cleaning process. Allow the area to dry naturally for a few hours. Before closing the unit, check that the fan motor is properly lubricated. If not, you may want to add some oil for lubrication.

Turn On Your AC Unit To Check Whether The Fan Works

If the problem is because of clogged debris around the fan, then turning it on after cleaning should take care of it. The added lubrication will ensure that the fan motor runs smoothly. If the problem persists and the fan doesn't work, then there could be a problem with the fan motor or the capacitor within the unit. In this instance, you will have to call a professional AC technician because the parts may need replacement before your unit can cool down the room again.

The fan is a vital component of your split system air conditioning unit. Follow these actions if you notice that it has stopped working. If the problem persists, only a professional technician can fix the problem.