Why Should You Buy a GPS Line Marking Machine for Your Sporting Field?

Posted on: 14 February 2017

A sporting field needs to keep its lines of play visible and well-maintained, and that can be an uphill struggle with boisterous sportspeople running up and down it all day long. However, a GPS line making machine can help make the process easier for everyone.

Here are just a few reasons why you should invest in a GPS line making machine for your sporting field.


As you might well imagine, the most compelling benefit that comes with using a GPS line making machine is that you will get a pitch that is precisely lined. Complete precision is absolutely vital when you're dealing with a sporting field since there are generally a lot of lines to deal with. Of course, those lines will have to square up perfectly with the others, and even the slightly discrepancy can be extremely noticeable to people sitting in the stands or on the side lines.

If your pitch is not properly lined, you may be disqualified from holding home games until the problem is sorted. If another pitch cannot be arranged, your team may have to withdraw from your league; even if another pitch can be found, your team will lose their home field advantage.


It isn't often that you can simultaneously make a job more precise and less time-consuming. However, a GPS line making machine can make it happen. Instead of needing to exhaustively use pegs, tapes, and string to measure out and plot your lines, all you'll need to do is enter the information and then use the machine. No second greenkeeper will be needed, and you'll be done a lot faster. This is particularly beneficial if you are creating a new sporting field since there will be no old lines to use as a guide.

Remember, sporting fields are often in use every day during sporting seasons, so it can be tough to find the time to redo a whole field the traditional way without interrupting practice. GPS machines lend a vital helping hand by speeding the whole process up.

Ease of Use

It can often be tricky to find yourself a couple of greenkeepers who are experienced enough to properly line your sporting field without using GPS technology. Luckily, GPS models, despite the fact that they are more high-tech that traditional machines, can be handled more easily by someone with little experience. All an operator should have to do is set out the pitch requirements on the machine's touchscreen, then guide it around the pitch as directed.

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