3 Strategic Tips For Event Managers Who Need To Hire Generators To Power Outdoor Events

Posted on: 16 March 2017

As an event manager, you have to think of absolutely everything involved in bringing each event to life. When you plan outdoor events, you're likely going to have to think of getting power to light up the space, play any musical equipment, and run any electrical appliances. Here are some strategic tips for event managers who need to hire generators to power outdoor events.

Consider The Equipment You Need To Power Up

The type and size of generator you choose will depend on the amount of equipment you need to power up. For instance, if you're powering up heavy-duty lights and sound instruments, then you will need a high-power generator capable of handling heavier capacities. Always consider getting a higher capacity generator to avoid running out of power while you're in the middle of running the event. This will prevent any power failures, which could potentially put the people at the event in danger, especially if they are hovering around overloading power equipment. The generator hire company will be able to offer recommendations for the type of generator you need based on your specific event power requirements.

Think Of Where You Need To Place Your Generator

In addition to being loud, generators can produce some heat around them, so you'll want to place them in the most inconspicuous location without compromising on your specific power needs. For instance, you'll ideally want to place them away from performance and dining areas because their sound and heat could affect the event experience entirely. You may also want to keep the generators away from spaces where lots of people are expected to gather because they could potentially make them feel uncomfortable. When planning the event layout, make sure you allocate some open space for generator placement.

Find Out About Getting Expert Transportation

Generators are large pieces of equipment, which means that they can potentially get damaged if transported by untrained professionals. Instead, you may want to leave the transportation up to the generator hire company. While this service will be a little extra, the price is well worth it when you're looking to avoid paying for the costs of damage in case something goes wrong during transport. Alternatively, if you're arranging for transport on your own, make sure the moving company is equipped and insured to absorb the cost of any possible damage that may occur in transit.

Event managers have a lot to think about when it comes to planning. Let these tips allow you to put your best foot forward when planning to hire a generator for an outdoor event. For more information, talk to a professional like Total Generators.